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Blockchain Series #1
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Welcome to this brand new course about blockchain. In this course, and in the upcoming ones, we will make you familiar with everything you need to know about blockchain. We will also teach you some of the latest blockchain coding skills so that you can enter the fascinating world of decentralized applications.

In this video, we will learn about simple storage smart contract. The Solidity Simple Storage smart contract is a basic example of a smart contract that demonstrates how to store and retrieve data on the Ethereum blockchain. It utilizes a single variable called data to hold an integer value, which can be updated and retrieved by the contract’s functions. The contract includes a setter function setData that allows users to modify the value of data, and a getter function getData to retrieve the current value. By deploying and interacting with this contract, users can gain a better understanding of the fundamental concepts of state variables, function modifiers, and the read and write operations performed on the blockchain. While simple in nature, this contract serves as a starting point for more complex smart contract development and showcases the power and transparency of decentralized applications built on blockchain technology.

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